A New Year and a New Decade, 2020, is well underway.
Since this number is related to Perfect Vision,
Let’s call this month:

Many times there are things that try to distract us in life, and get our focus off of God’s Divine Plan. It reminds me of Samson in Judges 16. He had a divine calling on His life, but when he set his affections on Delilah, His focus shifted to worldly things. The enemy used her to seduce, distract and wear him down so they could find out the secret of His strength.

Eventually “His soul was vexed unto death.” (vs 16) Vex means to torment, harass, agitate, disturb, tease and irritate. The Hebrew definition takes it further: to cut down, bring much discouragement, to bring grief and a cause to mourn. He should have never let Delilah distract him. The enemy was attacking His identity in God, His Nazarite vow and distracting Him from the calling on his life.

Set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth. Colossians 3:2

Signs that you’ve been distracted:

1) You feel grieved over the situation you are in.

2) Circumstances torment you and you constantly think about it.

3) You are agitated by what is going on.

4) Discouragement has replaced your courage and affected your faith.

When you identify the source of the distraction, you can begin to remove it by taking the Word of God that deals with that area, and begin speaking what God says about it. Then, you put all of your focus on what God has put in your heart, on your calling and direction, and shut out all the annoying distractions around you. Stay focused on the WORD!

Sometimes it is the simple things that get us off focus. Have you ever been driving and your cell phone rang or someone sent you a text & you are tempted to take your eyes off of the road? Or you are watching a TV program and a commercial comes on and you look at Social Media & you miss the next part of the program? Pay attention to the little distractions and don’t let them become big ones.

To focus our minds on the Spirit leads to life and peace. Romans 8:6 ISV

Set your focus on me. Don’t let the noise and agitations of the world around you affect your spirit: Stay in My presence, where my peace guards your heart and mind. Let my WORD replace words of concern and hurt. When you constantly rehearse your pains and worries, they become part of you. Let my healing words flow from your mouth. Repent, forgive & forget and move into a new place with me. You have been wondering why you haven’t gotten the breakthrough that you want. Seek me and let me show you the way! I am for you, I am with you, I cannot break my covenant with you. You are mine and ALL I have is yours—All the LOVE, The JOY and the PEACE you need to go forward and be victorious in accomplishing what I've put in your heart to do. Be bold and breakthrough every discouragement, be strong and courageous. Let my WORD strengthen your every step. Focus on Heaven and Heaven will show up!


Special Prayer Focus for our partners this month!

Since the first of the year we have been praying these 3 things for you:

1) Supernatural Favor

2) Open Doors

3) Significant Influence

We are all in this together! As you sow and give your partnership gift offering this month declare these 3 things over it and expect a return. As you are walking out your destiny, know that you need to be in position for what He has next for you. We love our FILLIONAIRE PARTNERS. Together, we are teaching and training others about being filled with the ALL THE FULLNESS OF GOD!


Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke

Welcome to 2020!


Welcome to a New Year, a New Decade & a New Opportunity to experience the unlimited goodness of God!  This year is going to be FILLED with more of the Power of God than ever before.   Get ready to Power up your FAITH!  As we enter this next season of Revival, let’s prepare for the greatest move of God in history!  

Welcome to 2020! 

In preparation for 2020 we were asking the Lord for a PRAYER STRATEGY!  The idea came up in my spirit to pray every day for 2 hours and 20 minutes.  I shared it with Cyndy, and she suggested one hour & ten minutes twice a day, in the morning and at night.   We are always praying & listening to the Lord, while doing things but wanted a focused time of prayer to get us via light speed into the place God has for us to fulfill our destiny! 
All of a sudden I could see it.  I realized that POWER IS AVAILABLE in two voltage levels; 110 and 220.  Our regular wall sockets are 110 volts, but an electric clothes dryer hook-up is 220 volts.  If you had a wet towel that needed to be dried would you use your hair dryer ?? or would you put it in your electric dryer??  You would access the one that has the most power.   Electricity is always flowing from the power source, but you have to make sure it is plugged in and hooked up to the POWER.
1)  Is 110 and 220. 
 2)  1 hour & 10 minutes & 1 hour & 10 minutes = 220. 
 3)   Talk about PRAYER POWER! 
If you want to pull a higher Power Level from God, you have to double what you would do normally, and go for the increased output!  You have to plug into the power & pull more from Heaven.   God has ALL power, but it is accessed through our faith.  We turn on our faith by speaking the Word out loud and it releases the power to go and bring to pass. Connect to God’s Abundance! 

Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think: 

Ephesians 3:20


An Encouraging Word from the Lord: 

Stay hooked up to the power source that I have connected you to.   Don’t let the enemy try to short circuit things by using discouragement, lack or past hurts.  Don’t spend a lot of time trying to rewire things or struggle to have a deeper understanding of the wiring.   Don’t  stop the current  from flowing.  Learn to be ready to flow in every situation.  Learn to hook up to Me.   Learn to stay connected to the power outlets that I am releasing.  As you do, it will increase and increase.   I am rewiring you and I am doing it while you are in my presence.   I am healing hearts and removing the shame that you have felt.  In this house there is peace and joy like never before!  I want you to stay connected & wired to the big house! 
Many of you have been concerned about your finances for yourself and for your church/ministry.   Know as we step together into this New Year, you will see a shift and change in your finances.   There will be more solidness in your giving and in your flow of finances.   There will an increase and multiple currents flowing all together.  Trust me because I am working on your behalf behind the scenes and I am releasing a wholeness.   I have some new things that I want you to do and I will finance it and take care of the details.   Soon you will see the full picture.  My favor is opening significant doors for you that you cannot open on your own.  You will ask yourself how did I do that, how did I pay those bills?  How did I get to this place of monthly overflow?  You will know that this is me and it is all happening as you stay hooked up to the power!  
The Roman Numerals for this year are MMXX.  WOW!  Double Millennium and Double Decades together at the same time!  Instead of your shame you shall have DOUBLE HONOR & instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion.  Therefore in their land they shall possess DOUBLE; everlasting joy shall be theirs.  Isaiah 61:7 NKJV.    You will have DOUBLE HONOR and DOUBLE BLESSINGS come upon you by the thousands & DOUBLE WISDOM will be yours times ten! 
We are standing with you.   We are praying for you.  We are releasing our faith for your situations to be taken care of supernaturally!   As you give this month pray over this letter and your gift and expect the  DOUBLE BLESSINGS.  We love our FILLIONAIRE PARTNERS.  Together, we are teaching and training others about being filled with the ALL THE FULLNESS OF GOD!   A DOUBLE Thank You!   We are all in this together!

Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke

December Joy, Joy, Joy!

Dear Fillionaire,
This is going to be the best December ever!  Wrapping up 2019 in preparation for 2020 is going to be SUPERnaturally unparalleled because God is now fulfilling some things you have been waiting for!

The Lord has done GREAT THINGS FOR US and we are filled with Joy!  Restore our fortunes, Lord like streams in the desert!                        Psalms 126:3-4

The restoration has begun, and your level of JOY is about to reach new heights!  What you have prayed for, desired for and believed for is about to appear right before your eyes.  Read that sentence again, picture it and let it fill you with great joy! 
Remember what the angel said to the shepherds the night Jesus was born in Luke 2:10

Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good news of GREAT JOY which will be to ALL people! 

I remember how excited we were eleven years ago when our grandson, Timothy was due around Christmas time.  He was Ryan and Kathryn’s second child, but their first son.   There was so much  anticipation for his arrival as we were all waiting at the hospital.   Then on Christmas Eve—He was born!  What a gift and what amazing timing!   We were all so excited because we could now hold, kiss and love on him.    The nurses dressed all the newborns in full-body Christmas stockings and tiny Santa hats.  It was so  adorable!  We were all filled with JOY!  Smiling and laughing for days as we rejoiced at this wonderful fulfillment of 9 months of expectancy.  Even now thinking back on it brings great joy! 
Joy is when you are calmly happy, you are well-off  & the passion or emotion excited by the expectation of good.  Joy brings a feeling of success, good fortune and happiness.  It is like receiving an inheritance that you have been waiting for and the check comes in the mail.   All the way to the bank you are smiling, laughing and thanking God for His goodness in your life.  
Get ready for unlimited outpouring from God that will make multitudes of people JOY-FULL!

Living the Fillionaire Life! 
                                          Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke

November We are So Thankful

Pasted Graphic

Dear Fillionaire,
The leaves and the temperatures are falling, the pumpkin theme is everywhere, and I’m finally pulling out my fall clothes to wear.   It’s just awesome to go to a high school football game with sweatshirts and a blanket, carrying a thermos with something hot to drink.  Preparing for a major change can be FUN! 

NEW THINGS are also happening in the SPIRIT REALM.

That’s what a notable women did in II Kings 4.   Elisha would travel that way often and she and her husband would always invite him to dinner.  One day she had a brilliant idea!  She said to her husband, 

“Look now,  I know that this is a Holy man of God, who passes by us regularly,  Please let us make a small upper room on the wall; and let us put a bed for him there, and a table and a chair and a lampstand; so it will be, whenever He comes to us, he can turn in there." (Verses 9-10) 
She had no idea that she was investing in her future, and that her gifts and kindness would result in having a baby miraculously, then when He was a boy, Elisha raised him from the dead.   Several years later, the King heard her testimony and commanded their property to be restored in full, with profits from all the time they had been gone because of the famine.    The prophet Elisha was thankful for their kindness, which created a series of miracles that she and her family would be THANKFUL for over and over again! 
Listen to II Corinthians 9:12 God’s Word Translation: 
What you do to serve others not only provides for the needs of God’s people, but also produces more and more prayers of thanksgiving to God. 
I remember one time when we were in South Bend, Indiana ministering for a church and we were staying with the pastor and his wife in their house with our kids.  We were doing a Warfare Weekend and church services for them that Sunday.   A terrible storm came up with lots of lightning, thunder and wind that was shaking the house.  We were so tired and asleep upstairs.   Cyndy woke up and remembers praying,  “Father, look after us because we are in the Pastors House and they are men and women of God.  We declare  protection and we speak peace to the storm.  We are thankful that you are taking care of us!” 
The next morning, we were talking to the pastors wife about the storm and how crazy it was.   She told us that she prayed the exact same prayer - except she reminded the Lord that Spencer and Cyndy were in her house and the Lord had to take care of us because they are men and women of God.

We are so THANKFUL that God takes care of us!

Begin to prepare for a NEW SEASON in the natural realm for your family & your calling,  because NEW THINGS are happening in the SPIRIT REALM.   Stay in the Word, stay in church, and make sure to stay connected to me because things all around you are going to shake.    You don’t have to be concerned or be in fear because you are protected by the blood of Jesus!  Take time to pay close  attention to the SPIRIT REALM because it will change things in the natural realm ALL around you for your good. 
 As you move into more THANKSGIVING it will be the key to your breakthrough.   It will take you from one side of the Red Sea to the other side and you will walk across on dry ground.  You can CHANGE YOUR FUTURE  & the way that you see it by declaring my Word more, by worshipping me more & by your Thanksgiving and praise going forth! 
Many of you have been hidden but I am releasing a supernatural favor over you that puts you in the front of the line for the blessings & in the spotlight for this season in your lives. 

We are preparing for a NEW SEASON in the natural.

October Peace


Recently I’ve been purposely going outside and sitting on our patio under the gazebo and spending some time quietly watching & listening for little things.  It is increasing my awareness of the tiny details of life happening all around me.  The squirrels, the birds, the pecans falling, the wind blowing and it is so PEACE-FULL! 


Likewise, keep practicing these things; what you have learned, received, hear and see in me.   Then the God of peace will be with you. 
Philippians 4:9  ISV

Jesus was always filled with peace.   Even when crossing the lake with the disciples in the midst of a horrible storm, Jesus was asleep on a pillow.   He knew God was protecting Him.  His level of peace seemed out of place in that crisis, but when they woke him up He stood up and spoke “Peace, Be Still!” (Mark 4:39)  and immediately the wind, storm and waves all stopped.  The peace that filled His heart was released into the  atmosphere, and IT CHANGED EVERYTHING!  

Let us all practice that right now:

2. Settle yourself
3. Lean into God’s Presence by speaking scripture verses & listening to worship music.
4. Be filled with His overwhelming PEACE. 
Jesus is full of peace.   Paul was full of peace.  The disciples were full of peace.   Read about all that they went through and imagine how full of the peace of God they were in the most challenging situations.  When you are tempted to worry, fear or freak out, practice the peace that passes all understanding.

It’s Finally Fall!  The weather here in Dallas will soon get the memo and start changing.  We enjoy the seasons changing, because it reminds us of the transitions in the Spirit that keep us growing and being a force of influence,  living our life to the fullest and sharing the Good News of the Kingdom. 


Pull back from the pressures and open up to my peace.   I have an unlimited supply of supernatural rest, but you must come into My presence to receive it.  Rest in Worship and be permeated by my peace.   Don’t let your heart be troubled or restless. 
In the natural, all around you, it may feel like you are in a storm!  The pressure may seem like it is a little intense.  Don’t watch the news because it will upset you.   You need to realize that what you are seeing and hearing is just the birthing pains of change to get to 2020.   I am taking care of the politics.  I am taking care of the economy!  Don’t allow fear or worry to have any place inside of you.  Pray in the spirit a lot.  Then pray some more in the spirit!   Angels are being released as you do that.  Finances that have been held up are being released as you pray.   I am taking care of your debt, I am filling up your storehouse, I am filling up your garage and you will have more than enough.  You have to know that it is on it’s way to you, to help take care of your needs and fulfill what I have called you to do. 
Learn to live in that place of SUPERNATURAL PEACEFULLNESS!  You can’t do it in the natural but you can in the spirit realm.  You do it by FAITH!   Be filled with my love, be peace-full in your spirit, your heart and your mind.   Let your emotions be washed by the water of the Word, and come into my presence and rest.  Gather together, worship  together and let the SPIRIT OF REVIVAL FLOW THROUGH YOU! 


We are so thankful for your generous gifts and donations to the ministry!  We are all in this together.


We are so grateful for our partners!   You have stood by our side and have been such an encouragement!  Your prayers and your financial giving make a huge difference.   As you sow and pray over your gift this month declare the prophetic word over yourself & ALL God wants to do.   We pray for our partners daily!    This month we have been working on new  products,  we didn’t realize that we had so much stored up.  We are preparing for new things coming!  
There are some open doors right in front of us that are so exciting & we want you to be right there with us.   Together we can do this!   We are stepping out in faith toward our future, make sure and step with us. 


Living the Fillionaire Life! 

Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke