March 2020

Dear Fillionaire,
We pray that this month you will
MARCH right into a victorious fulfillment of ALL the promises that God has given you!  This is your time for ALL THINGS to be FULL  and to be FILLED! 
Check out Ephesians 3:19  in the Amplified Classic:
That YOU may really come to know practically through experience for yourselves the love of Christ; which far surpasses mere knowledge without experience; that YOU may be filled through ALL your being unto all the fullness of God, that YOU may have the richest measure of the Divine presence, and become body wholly filled and flooded with God himself!
This is what being a FILLIONAIRE is ALL about!  God wants you to experience the intense fullness of His love that goes way beyond just head knowledge.   It’s like the difference between reading a book about Niagara Falls, and then going there yourself to experience the roar of the water pounding on your chest, and the mist that fills the air covering you from head to toe. There is no comparison!  (Pages 94 & 95 in Living The Fillionaire Life book.)
The love of Jesus is so concentrated and
FULL of God’s presence, that you really have to spend some extended time in worship to truly grasp its length, depth, breadth and height.  His love is bigger and more powerful than anything in the universe.  There is so much love packed into Jesus, it’s beyond comprehension!
It reminds me of
PACKING CUBES!  I like to travel and I like to be organized & pack as much stuff as possible in as little space as possible.  PACKING CUBES help me do that.  You can fold, compress, roll or stuff enough clothing in a set of packing cubes to take care of a weeks’ worth of outfits in one spinner.  They come in all different sizes and I have lots of them.  You can use them to pack your shoes, your electronics, your personal items so everything fits in your suitcase.  These also help keep your clothes organized, by outfit or day or category.  For example shirts in one, pants in another, personal items in a different one. When you get to a hotel you can simply put the cubes in the hotel drawer to keep your clothes neat and clean.   You can put so much into a small space it is amazing!  Things you forgot you brought are revealed, each day as you pull out something new!
The Revelation of Jesus, and His love is just like that.  His love just keeps on pouring out until every need is met, every bill is paid, every debt is cancelled, every bone, joint and organ in your body is healed and your life  becomes a beautiful expression of His goodness! 
God has unlimited mercy, grace, provision and care in one package named  JESUS! 

Step into my concentrated
LOVE!   Sense my presence in your situation.  The world is wondering what to do  in the midst of situations, stress and fear  — you have the answer for them.  Taking communion, speaking the Word & walking in your authority by using the blood of Jesus changes the world.   This is your time to shine and make a difference!!!   Dig into what I have included  in  the  Gift  of  my  Son. 
  • ALL the WISDOM
you need for today are pressed down, shaken together and running over in Him!  Feel the LOVE!  Believe in the LOVE!  Be filled with the LOVE!  Experience ALL that He is, right now, today!   I am not holding anything back, I have packed into one package all that you will ever need or want.  Open your spiritual carry-on and see ALL that I can fit into one person—my Son, Jesus!  Partner Update:

Partner Update for March 2020
We pray that this letter blesses and fills your hearts with Him.   We are so blessed that you are our friends and
partners in this ministry.  Thank you for helping us  impact this generation with the message of walking in faith and accessing the unlimited resources of Heaven.  As you sow your seed this month be expecting “that YOU may be FILLED.”  We appreciate you so much, and pray for our partners every day.  God keeps showing us that ALL of our partners have an extra flow of supernatural supply.  God is moving in powerful ways, and you are right in the middle of His plan!  We will be waiting to hear from you!  You are such a blessing to us!
Walk in Your Heavenly Supply,
Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke